GRAVFARM very preserve the quality of seeds to be processed. Our coffee seedlings 100% handpicked and 100% handsorted. We only process the seed that has been mature and perfect red (cherry). Cherry washed hygienically using alkaline water from natural mountain springs which clean and clear.

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Perfect red of coffee fruit (cherry)

The processing is handled manually and maximum supervision. The seed is dried naturally under the sun light until it have a moisture content below 12 percents. Furthermore, roasting is done by a professional and experienced roaster so as to provide the best quality coffee results.

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Drying process of coffee bean

Semi Wash

In the semi-wash process, the seed that has been ripe and perfect red (cherry) is washed using water from mountain springs. Seedlings that are already clean then peeled the outer rind (pulper). Furthermore, cherries closed for 12 hours using a clean sack. Residual layer of mucilage that sticks to the seeds will trigger a natural fermentation process.

Seeds washed again until it clean. Then, the seeds naturally dried under the sun. Once the mucilage layer dry, peeled the skin of the seeds (haller). Furthermore, dried again the seeds under the sunlight to form a green bean with moisture content 10-12%. We sorting which really good green bean for roasting process at a later stage.

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Coffee bean with Honey Process (left) and Semi Washed Process (right)


Process begins with peeling and determining how much pulp still attaching to the beans. Next, the beans are naturally dried under the sunlight until the mucilage layer was sticky as honey as it absorbs humidity.

Sugar content and acidity of mucilage layer will be more concentrated when dried under the sunlight. Over the time, the layer will penetrate into the dried beans. Therefore, flavored coffee that will be generated is sweetness with balance acidity.


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Green bean are placed in a clean and hygienic storage

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