PecoPeco Peaberry

Peco-Peco Best Peaberry Coffee in Town

PecoPeco Peaberry Coffee

PecoPeco Peaberry Coffee

PecoPeco Peaberry Coffee is a pure Arabica coffee that is processed from the best selection of Peaberry seed. Peaberry are very rare beans because there are only less than 3% from the amount of a whole harvest.

Peaberry coffee very distinctive and savory. It is contrast to other processed coffee. It is also known as "Kopi Lanang" or "Male Coffee" which is healthy and nutritious to make your days more energetic. GRAVFARM Peaberry Coffee is handled manually and supervised professionally to produce the unique flavor.

PecoPeco Peaberry Specifications
  • TYPE : Ground Coffee
  • PROCESS : Semi Wash
  • ROAST LEVEL : Depent on Variant
  • GROUND LEVEL : Medium
  • WEIGHT : 250 gram
  • PACKAGE : Hard Paper Box
  • with Aluminium Sachet Inside
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