Java Toebroek

Java Toebroek

Ground Coffee Java Toebroek

Original Java Coffee with Smooth Flavor and Aroma

The original Arabica coffee from Java, Indonesia plantations. Java Toebroek is made from 100% cherry. It produces soft flavor and aroma. Processed in hygienic and get finished by professional and well-trained workforce. Roasting performed by an experienced roaster with Roast Level from Medium to Dark. The result is best quality coffee with its own pleasure for all coffee lovers.

Java Toebroek are available in the form of Roasted Bean and Ground Coffee. Roasted bean of Java Toebroek packaged in the form of original bean which already roasted. The other one, Ground coffee of Java Toebroek packaged in powder form which already grinded. It very suitables to brewed directly. With the good brewing techniques it will produce the distinctive flavour and aroma of original Java coffee.

Java Toebroek Specifications
  • TYPE : Roasted Bean and Ground Coffee
  • PROCESS : Semi Wash
  • ROAST LEVEL : Medium to Dark
  • GROUND LEVEL : Coarse
  • WEIGHT : 175 gr (Bean) and 220 gr (Ground)
  • PACKAGE : Hygienic Seal Plastic Tube
  • Java Toebroek Price
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