Our Farm

Established since 2005, GRAVFARM become one of the Indonesian major companies in genuine Arabica coffee industry. One of GRAVFARM vision is to facilitate the farmers to develop a culture and tradition of forest resource management.

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Ciwidey, West Java

The roots of GRAVFARM company has grown since decades ago. GRAVFARM cooperate and got Coffea arabica from hundreds of sharecroppers. They are members of the Lembaga Masyarakat Desa Hutan (LMDH) Tambag Guruyung in upland areas of Ciwidey, District of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

GRAVFARM offer 100% Premium Grade of Coffea arabica products such as Green Bean, Roasted Bean and Ground Coffee. The products were marketed by Management and Administration Division headquartered in Braga Street, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.