Luwak Liar

Luwak Liar Coffee

Luwak Liar Coffee - The Most Delicious Coffee Among Other Coffees

Coffee with the most unique process. Luwak Liar created from seeds consumed in the wild by Luwak (mongoose) as food. Luwak will pick the red fruit which already ripe. Therefore, fermentation of coffee fruit occurs in the digestive tract of Luwak.

The coffee beans that come out together with Luwak droppings are washed hygienically through leaching water from mountain springs. The coffee beans are processed through the stages of Full-Wash and then roasted with Medium level. After going through the sorting process, the seeds are milled in Medium ground. As a result, the coffee Luwak Liar with perfect taste. The flavors which are always sought by all coffee lovers worldwide.

Luwak Liar Specifications
  • TYPE : Ground Coffee
  • PROCESS : Full Wash
  • ROAST LEVEL : Medium
  • GROUND LEVEL : Medium
  • WEIGHT : 100 and 1000 gram
  • PACKAGE : Hygienic Aluminium Seal
  • Luwak Liar Price
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