Ireng Coffee

Kopi Ireng

Ireng Coffee

The Real Black Arabica Coffee

One of the first flagship product of GRAVFARM. Coffee Ireng was made from Coffea arabica specialty and processed hygienically thus creating the best flavors of Java coffee. Coffee Ireng are available in the form of ground coffee and packaged in 150 and 250 grams.

The seed that has been ripe and perfect red (cherry) is washed using water from mountain springs and sorted manually by hand. The beans are processed through Semi-Wash and Dark Roast Level produces a distinctive aroma and taste of original Indonesian coffee.

Ireng Coffee Specifications
  • TYPE : Ground Coffee
  • PROCESS : Semi Wash
  • ROAST LEVEL : Dark
  • WEIGHT : 150, 250 and 500 gram
  • PACKAGE : Hygienic Aluminium Seal
  • Ireng Coffee Price
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